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Burlington, one of the smallest cities in the United States to be the largest in its state, is nestled between the steep Adirondack Mountains and the picturesque Lake Champlain. The spectacular natural scenery and simple realistic humanistic spirit are appealing to many people. There are many attractions: the bustling Church Street Marketplace, the beautiful Lake Champlain, the Battery Park overlooking the lake, the university town full of youth and literary atmosphere. It's a rewarding trip here. Flourishing and peaceful, it is like a paradise city waiting for adventurers to explore.

Burlington, United States

十二月的伯灵顿正值凛冬,扈鲁一行踏着佛蒙特州的寒风到访了这座小城。下午四时许,入住酒店后,扈鲁不顾旅途劳顿,迫不及待地约大家一起来到离酒店不远的著名商业街——Church Street(教堂街)。教堂街是伯灵顿的主街,历史悠久,长约2000余米,街两旁林立着100多间摆陈着廉价奢侈品的商铺和餐厅,从入口处向上呈坡式,最上端建有一座教堂,整条街灯火辉煌,街上无论何时都挤满了游人。此时的扈鲁却无暇顾及这繁华美景,因为他的寻“葫”之旅已经开始,他要利用晚饭前这有限的一个多小时,走遍教堂街所有商铺,寻找和购买具有收藏价值的葫芦。此时他的目光已流连在商业街的各个店铺中,仔细搜寻着心仪的葫芦文物,步履匆匆掠过一家家小店,额角的汗珠融化在了冷空气中,异国的景色也变成了转瞬一瞥。

It was winter in December in Burlington, and Hu Lu and his team paid a visit to the small city in the cold wind of Vermont. After checking in the hotel at around 4 p.m., despite the travel fatigue, Hu Lu could not wait to visit the famous commercial street near the hotel – Church Street – with his team members. Church Street, the main street of Burlington, has a long history and is more than 2,000 meters long. There are over 100 restaurants and shops with inexpensive luxuries on either side of the street. Up the slope from the entrance toward the end there stands a church. The whole street, ablaze with lights, is crowded with tourists at all times. However, Hu Lu had no time enjoying the bustling beauty because his journey of searching for gourds had begun. He would make the best of this limited one hour before dinner to search all the shops for high-value gourds worth collecting. At this moment, he was lingering in the street, carefully hunting for the favorite gourd artifacts and rushing past each shop. His sweat on the forehead melted into the cold air, and the exotic scenery became a fleeting glimpse.


Fortunately, in one shop Hu Lu took a fancy to a set of tambourines made of gourds and two egg gourds on which cats are carved through scalding sculpture. Hu Lu was extremely fond of them so that he bought them without hesitation and continued his searching at once. It took much effort to collect what he wanted. The dazzling array of commodities often resulted in the search for "treasure" being slowed down because of the limited time. Therefore, they had to do the searching separately. Searching for books about American gourd culture was hard due to language barriers. However, valuable materials failed to be found even after the language problems had been solved.


Gourd-shaped iron bird cage


Afterwards, Hu Lu came to a comprehensive gift shop and searched inch by inch in the two-story house. Eventually, he successfully collected a gourd-shaped iron bird cage and three gourd-shaped colorful Christmas tree models.

Three gourd-shaped colorful Christmas tree models

次日,在美籍华人王觉非先生和圣迈克学院语言应用学系主任Mahmoud Arani(买哈明德·阿拉尼)的导引下,扈鲁一行驱车赶到South Burlington(南伯灵顿),因为据圣迈克学院语言应用学系主任介绍,在那个市场里能够收藏到很多异域风情的葫芦。到达目的地后,扈鲁一下车便在买哈明德·阿拉尼先生的带领下快步走进商场,找到了他心目中的“葫芦”。

The next day, Hu Lu and his team drove to South Burlington under the guidance of Wang Juefei, a Chinese American, and Mahmoud Arani, Head of the Department of Applied Linguistics in Saint Michael’s College, who told them that there were many exotic gourds there. Arriving at the market, Hu Lu got off the car, trotted into it and found his favored "gourd".


Gourd-shaped vegetables


To his disappointment, Hu found that these "gourds" were fresh vegetables in gourd-shape not ready for long-time collection. Nevertheless, Hu still wildly enjoyed his searching. His love for gourds is stronger than anyone else. A series of Santa Claus and Christmas gifts in gourd shape attracted Hu Lu deeply. He cleared the other items in his carry-on luggage to make plenty of room for Santa Claus made of iron, leather and paper in all sizes in gourd-shape so that he could bring them back to China safe and sound.


Gourd-shaped Christmas gifts


The exotic gourds are the biggest gains of this journey in America. It has not only fulfilled Hu Lu's expectations of collecting gourds abroad, but further enriched the collection of American gourd artifacts in the Gourd Culture Museum. In the exchanges with foreign friends, gourds that convey far-reaching cultural connotations and simple humanistic spirit are more like a unique feature of Chinese traditional art culture expressing sincere wishes of "happiness and wealth".


Hu Lu, Wang Juefei and Mahmoud Arani


Culture from another country can help itself flourish. The gourd culture knows no national boundaries. It can be spread only when it goes out. The Gourd Culture Series have been published and shows of "Glamour of the Gourd – Gourd Culture Tour along the Silk Road" have been held successfully at home and abroad. Hu Lu will continue to collect gourds, spread gourd culture and innovate gourd development for good. "Gourds are a cultural carrier without borders, which help disseminate the Chinese culture to the world." Hu Lu, a scholar who is casting his keen and all-seeing eyes over the world at a new height, studies the gourd culture not just for pursuing his own aspiration, but also for inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture in a new era. Nothing is impossible where there is perseverance, belief and firm dream. In this sense, Hu Lu is a dream-seeker for culture and an inheritor for dream.