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环球评报网讯 | 为贯彻落实习近平总书记关于讲好中国故事、传递中国声音和“一带一路”的倡导,当地时间2017年12月4日,“最葫芦•葫芦文化丝路行”来到美国密苏里州立大学,以一场别开生面的葫芦文化展演,生动形象地向美国朋友讲述中国葫芦故事,传播中国传统文化,备受当地各界广泛关注。

In order to implement President Xi Jinping’s advocacy of telling the Chinese stories to spread Chinese culture overseas, and promote the “Belt and Road” Initiative, on December 4, 2017, “Glamor of the Gourd – Gourd Culture Tour along the Silk Road” arrived at Missouri State University. The exhibition told the Chinese gourd stories and spread traditional Chinese culture to American friends via an elaborate gourd culture show, attracting wide attention among local friends from all walks of life.



Hu Lu and other experts and scholars received warm welcome from Dr. Frank A. Einhellig, Executive Vice President, Mr. Baker, Vice President and other leaders of Missouri State University. The two sides introduced respectively their internationalization initiatives, and further discussed teacher-student exchanging and mutual visits, scientific research cooperation and cultural and artistic exchanges, and reached agreements on future cooperation. After the talks, accompanied by Ms. Vonda K. Yarberry, Head of Art and Design Department of Missouri State University, the delegation visited the studios of the Department, watched the exhibition of works by teachers and students, and visited classroom teaching. In a sketch class, Mr. Hu saw several differently modelled gourds, and then he talked with the teacher and students about gourd culture. Mr. Hu said he would participate in the school’s art festival and give a gourd culture art performance. Ms. Vonda K. Yarberry, as well as the teacher and students believed that the gourd culture art performance from China would highlight the year’s festival, and they were waiting with eager for the performance.



In the afternoon, Missouri State University’s art festival was held at the university’s international center. As a special activity and highlight of the festival, “Glamour of the Gourd – Gourd Culture Tour along the Silk Road” U.S. Exhibition with a Chinese flavor appeared on the scene.


The opening ceremony began at 2 pm, and the atmosphere was warm with the national flags of the two countries and the Missouri State University’s flag hung above the stage. Mr. Raymond Conan, First Vice President of the American Gourd Society, Ms. Waterman, president of Missouri Gourd Display Association, Vonda K. Yarberry, Head of Art and Design Department, teachers and students of the art department, local gourd culture lovers, and representatives of international students from nearly 100 countries attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Baker, Vice President of Missouri State University and famous host of Zach public television network.


At the ceremony, Mr. Baker introduced the delegation of the Chinese artists headed by Mr. Hu, and praised “Glamor of the Gourd – Gourd Culture Tour along the Silk Road” for its contribution to the artistic value of the art festival, for which he expressed his heartfelt appreciation.


Mr. Conan, Vice President of the American Gourd Society, gave a speech at the opening ceremony. He spoke highly of the exchanges of gourd culture between the two countries, and gave warm welcome to the famous Chinese gourd culture scholar Hu Lu, and expressed his sincere admiration for Mr. Hu for his contribution to the globalization of gourd culture. He recalled his journey in recent years to China exploring gourd culture, in which he learned that the gourd in China not only symbolizes happiness, but also helps people to gain happiness. In China’s history, the gourd can find its use in lots of aspects, and several centuries ago, they were made into a variety of things such as bowls, vases, cricket cages, instruments and figurines. Then he introduced the latest developments in American gourd culture. Mr. Conan expressed his willingness to use this exhibition as an opportunity to enhance the cultural and artistic exchanges between the two countries.


Mr. Conan also read the letter from Ms. Cecil Garrison, President of the American Gourd Society, who, on behalf of thousands of gourd culture lovers across America, expressed her sincere welcome to Mr. Hu, and apologized for her absence caused by her business in California. She wrote in the letter, “I am most grateful that we can share with you our common interest and love for the gourd culture. The gourd is the most important plant in humankind’s history. Therefore, we get to understand the cultural inheritance and association between cultures. Like what Chinese ancestors did centuries ago, we took pleasure in the process of planting, decorating and appreciating the gourd. It brings to our families the same happiness and satisfaction as it brings to you. I am glad to learn that Mr. Conan, Vice President of the American Gourd Society, Ms. Waterman, president of Missouri Gourd Display Association, and others heads of the Association are here with your delegation and your host Missouri State University. I am sure you will be infected with the happiness of staying with each other.”


Later, Ms. Waterman, President of the Missouri Gourd Display Association expressed sincere welcome to Mr. Hu and his delegation. She extended warm congratulations on the gourd culture exchange activity in the United States and made a brief introduction to Missouri Gourd Display Association, a non-profit organization founded in 1997, which is the 14th among the 25 branches of American Gourd Society. Its membership has now reached some 100 across the United States, all of whom have talent in gourd art and enjoy sharing. They hold meetings in Missouri four times each year, and in every April, there is an annual gourd exhibition. The Association aims at supporting artistic progress by the medium of gourd art, encouraging the youth and adults to learn more about the gourd art by forms of symposium and contest.


When talking about the affection for the gourd, Ms. Waterman said, “I was a nurse assistant before retirement and worked in operating rooms for 29 years. One day I went to Branson in Missouri with my husband, where I saw many gourds sold at a price of $35, though they just drilled a hole in the gourds. Then we visited Silver Dollar City, where we saw many beautifully decorated and painted gourds. It occurred to me that ‘I could make it too’. After returning home, I searched the Internet for gourd art, and this is the beginning of my fascination with the gourd. Since then, the gourd had changed my life. I like to create works of art using different techniques on the gourds, such as sculpting, painting, wood carving and so on. Finally the gourds will show what they want to be.” She remarked that she was very grateful to Mr. Hu for inviting members of the Missouri Gourd Display Association to the art event. She hoped to have an opportunity to visit Mr. Hu in Confucius’ hometown in the future to learn more about China's gourd culture.


Mr. Hu then addressed on this occasion. Firstly, he expressed sincere appreciation to people who had offered great support to the “Glamour of the Gourd – Gourd Culture Tour along the Silk Road”, including Dr. Frank A. Einhellig, Executive Vice President, Mr. Baker, Vice President, Mr. Zhang Peng from the International Office, Ms. Vonda K. Yarberry, Head of the Art and Design Department, Ms. Cecil Garrison, President of the American Gourd Society, Mr. Conan, Vice President of the American Gourd Society, Ms. Waterman, President of Missouri Gourd Society and friends from all walks of life in the United States.



Mr. Hu remarked that the gourd is one of the ancient totems of the Chinese nation as well as one of the world-famous “Achievements of Humanities”, and it enjoys cultural profoundness. The displayed gourd-themed flower-and-bird paintings attempted to achieve mutual exchanges with ancient gourd art works of America. “With the U.S. Exhibition activity, we hope to establish a sustained and in-depth partnership with friends in American gourd art circles.”


The gourd symbolized safety, auspiciousness and harmony in China, and there were many gourd-related stories, said Mr. Hu. For example, in the Lancang River basin of Yunnan Province, China, there is a movie Lu Sheng Love Story, a story of the Lahu ethnic group who call themselves a nationality having originated from the gourd. Males of this ethnic group learn to play the Lusheng at the age of six or seven, and this ancient instrument will accompany them for their whole lives. Taking the Lusheng as the clue, the movie tells the love story between Zhatuo, a bright and brave hero, and Nawa, a beautiful and kind heroine. They met and fell in love at first sight during the day of sacrifice. The sacrifice activity lasted until the evening. Following the local custom to express his love, Zhatuo took his courage to take off Nawa’s headcloth and ran into the woods. Nawa tailed after Zhatuo, but she lost the track of him for the darkness. Then, Zhatuo picked up the Lusheng and blew the love song Vow of Marriage. Nawa located him following the sound of the music, and the two expressed their love for each other.



Aqi, an elder of the village knew about their love and then went to Nawa’s family to make a marriage proposal for Zhatuo. Nawa’s mother expressed her satisfaction with the brave young man, and drank the engagement wine in the gourd with the elder Aqi, and in this way, the marriage was set. Zhatuo and Nawa happily met in front of a waterfall, and Zhatuo picked up the Lusheng to play the love song Vow of Marriage. Nawa snuggled up next to him and sang along.



Just as the lovers enjoyed their time, Kuomintang bandits sent a gang of more than 100 people to the village to plunder the grain. Under the leadership of Zhatuo, the young man of Lahu people launched heroic resistance. Because of the large number of bandits and their guns, the warriors were attacked by the enemy and almost all lost their lives. Zhatuo, the only survivor, with a Lusheng with an image of Nawa, escaped into the depths of the primitive old forest. To stay away from the war, the elder Aqi led Nawa and all the women and children in the village to flee from their hometown. On the way, worried about the safety of Zhatuo, Nawa made her way back to the village alone, only to find the headcloth that she had given to Zhatuo near dead warriors, and mistakenly thought that Zhatuo had died.


Two years later, the elder Aqi returned to the village as he helped a geologic survey team in the search for mineral deposits, and they found a “savage”. They traced the “savage" to the depths of the forest, where they found a shack built on a tree, inside which was a Lusheng with an image of Nawa. Nawa was certain that the “savage” was Zhatuo who was mistakenly deemed as dead.



They continued to track down Zhatuo, and Nawa continuously called his name and told him that she was his wife. However, the savage life of those two years made him unwilling to believe anyone, and he stubbornly believed that everyone was disguised by the bandits, so he continued to run to the top of the mountain, and finally reached a cliff, where he continued to shoot arrows in resistance. As everyone was trapped into helplessness, Nawa suddenly grabbed the Lusheng in the hands of the elder Aqi and played the love song Vow of Marriage, then Zhatuo finally realized that the woman who was playing the Lusheng was his missing wife. Zhatuo ran down the cliff, and Nawa ran up the hill. The two excitedly ran toward each other and embraced each other happily after going through so many hardships.



In Mr. Hu’s opinion, this story told us that war would cause deaths and broken families. We must oppose war and advocate peace to achieve win-win cooperation and let the China-US friendship bloom.



After telling this story, Mr. Hu picked up a Lusheng he brought from China and played it emotionally. Accompanying the melodious music, he performed a Lusheng dance and sang Vow of Marriage – the theme song of the movie Lu Sheng Love Story, which won the applause of distinguished guests.


Subsequently, Mr. Baker, Vice President of Missouri State University, concluded the opening ceremony. He remarked, “we are grateful to Mr. Hu for the artistic feast of the gourd culture. This exhibition activity was very impressive in terms of content and unique in terms of form. Here, I also give my special thanks to Mr. Hu for his generous donation of the high-quality gourd artworks and we would treasure them forever as the symbol of friendship between the United States and China. This exhibition is a great success, and hopefully this will further strengthen the cultural exchange between the United States and China, and that between Missouri State University and Qufu Normal University. Then, Mr. Baker awarded the collection certificate to Mr. Hu.




After the opening ceremony, the guests watched the gourd artistic exhibition with the explanation of Mr. Hu. Hung on an auspicious tree in the exhibition hall were Chinese zodiac gourds symbolizing Chinese traditional culture, hung on the walls were freehand ink-wash gourd paintings created by Mr. Hu and Wen Mo, and displayed on the counter were the gourd artworks created by American artists, all the works entirely in tune with each other. The audience were fascinated and praised that the exhibition would exert positive influence on the development of American and Chinese gourd culture. On the exhibition, Mr. Conan, in his seventies, shook Mr. Hu’s hands tightly and said, “I have explored gourd culture in many countries around the world and I find the bosom friends here today. The “Glamor of the Gourd – Gourd Culture Tour along the Silk Road”, and especially the compilation of The Gourd Culture Series have promoted the internationalization of the gourd culture and contributed to the development of the world’s gourd culture. I sincerely admire your tireless pursuit of the gourd culture art and your achievements.” Ms. Vonda K. Yarberry, Head of the Art and Design Department of Missouri State University, spoke highly of the exhibition. “Gourd is used in many American classrooms for sketch and color painting, often used as the material for creative designed artworks and musical instruments for many artists. The exhibition held by Mr. Hu is of great importance for strengthening artistic exchange between the United States and China, especially between our two universities. This exhibition is amazing in that it fully demonstrated the quintessence of the Chinese traditional gourd culture through the artistic form of ink-wash painting.”



The audience got to understand Mr. Hu’s achievements in gourd culture research through Gourd Painting Studio Papers and spoke highly of the artistic quality of exhibited freehand gourd paintings. They believed that Mr. Hu’s gourd painting was bright in color and exquisite in composition, demonstrating an air of magnificence as well as serenity. The gourds in the paintings are appropriately distributed and shaped, accompanied with robust vines. The characteristics of Chinese ink-wash paintings, that is “realistic in near distance, abstract in far distance, subtle in color and rich in conception” have been fully revealed. The audience truly appreciated Mr. Hu’s extraordinary skills and understood further gourd culture art as well as the Chinese traditional culture. During the exhibition, Mr. Hu had an in-depth discussion with Mr. Conan and Ms. Waterman on making use of the “Glamor of the Gourd – Gourd Culture Tour along the Silk Road” to internationalize the gourd culture.



In order to commemorate this cultural exchange event and the friendship between the gourd culture and art lovers all over the world, Mr. Hu collected on the spot four exquisitely carved and painted gourd artworks created by artists from the United States Missouri Gourd Display Association.


After returning to China, Mr. Hu specially wrote to Ms. Cecil Garrison, President of the American Gourd Society, to express his appreciation for the friendship. Mr. Hu wrote with deep emotion: “The journey to the United States is short but left me a wonderful memory. When we were in the United States, my delegation was warmly received by friends from American Gourd Society, which made us feel warm in this winter. As an old Chinese saying goes: Like-minded people do not feel apart even if they are far away. The gourd has drawn us closer though we did not meet this time. I believe gourd and gourd culture will transcend national borders and build a bridge of friendship. Let us work together to deepen cooperation and promote the gourd culture, and we can feel and experience the happiness.”


“Glamor of the Gourd – Gourd Culture Tour along the Silk Road” is a representative of the firm and confident Chinese traditional culture. The Tour went to the United States with its special artistic charm and international art vision. This gourd cultural and artistic exchange will further promote the exchange and mutual development of the Chinese and American culture and have a positive influence on building a culture-inclusive community.